No Stone Unturned is Photographer Michael D’Avy’s perspective on exploring the world. It is a study of light and shadow, and the non-permanence of man.
Not stopping just with the photo capture, he designs his custom frames with subjects specifically in mind, using unfinished materials that suit a scene.

“Urban exploring could be the worst hobby to have to explain to people.

If I were to describe it in just the photographic sense, I see it as no different than trying to offroad, bushwhack, climb or crawl out to see something few have ever seen before, perhaps capturing a new perspective you could bring back to share with others. In addition, many of these explored locations are rich in history, yet nearly forgotten and on their way to becoming lost to time and nature. I believe there is an arguable case for their rediscovery as well as experiencing and documenting them before they disappear completely.

The fact remains that the exploring of one’s world is the same, indeterminate of where and what time you are. Humans by nature seek out contrast and scope out their surroundings to discover and investigate. Too much of our adult landscapes are not ours anymore to pry up with a stick and find out what squirmy things previously unbeknownst to us lie beneath. That never used to stop us when our hands were much smaller. Why choose to let it now?”