Redscale Footbridge


This photo was taken on the footbridge across the AZ-51.

It is print from an actual film negative scan. The film is redscaled, a process where the film is fed through the camera upside down causing the film color layers to expose in opposite order.

The camera used was a found 1953 Kodak Brownie Model C. It is a medium format camera that takes no longer produced 620 film. With some modification, 35mm film was used for this photo. Because this is a smaller film format, the film was able to be exposed over the sprocket holes found on the edges of 35mm negatives. The film used in this instance is flipped expired Kodak 800.


Custom designed frame. This frame concept is created from antique thread spools (bobbins) from an old textile mill. The high resolution negative scan is directly printed onto metal. The dyes are infused directly into a specially coated aluminum sheet causing the images take on an almost magical luminescence.

Each wooden display is unique in its own way. They have been left in their vintage state to reflect the subject matter. This includes varying degrees of weathering, slight chips, tarnish, and paint specs.

Total measurement: 17.25×7 / Photo 14.5×6