Vanishing Lines


This 42 page 10×8 hardcover book is printed on premium Luster Gloss paper and focuses on historic and abandoned locations throughout Arizona.

Vanishing Lines is a photographic perspective on hidden infrastructures and forgotten places plus the exploration of a world closer to home. With an adventurous spirit, I invite you to experience and rediscover the hidden and forgotten around us and to view the passage of time on their unraveling.



Chapter 1: Treasure Chest of Living.
Captures forgotten homestead ruins and left behind treasures to mining mansions.

Chapter 2: Ghosts in the Machines.
Includes industrial relics embedded with photos and historical information on locations in areas such as Jerome, Superior and the Childs Hydroelectric plant.

Chapter 3: Urban Masses.
This chapter is comprised mostly of downtown Phoenix areas with an emphasis on seldom seen before perspective photography.