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Ilford 100 Delta Professional Black & White Part I

Film: 35mm Ilford 100 Delta Professional Black & White
Expired: Aug 1998
Camera: 1933 616 Kodak Jiffy folding camera




Believe or not this was my first black and white film experience. I figured it should be paired with the best looking old camera I have, the ’33 art deco faced Kodak folder. I double checked it for bellows pin holes and added a little more liquid electrical tape to keep out the leaks for the first Delta attempt. I was a little nervous about the age and low speed of the film. The Kodak allows for 3 only three stops of aperture, the widest being f/8. There is no speed (besides bulb) or iso settings exist. Let the great experiment begin!

What better to use old cameras and monochrome film on than road trips and abandoned dust bowl homesteads?

False Advertising – This was the first photo taken on the roll. I made myself scan in order and was in love with the panoramic exposure immediately.

False advertising

Abandoned homestead

My goodness do I love this wide format.
Morning howdy

Abandoned homestead

After a while you start to see in wide format. It is a little difficult to guess where the thinner 35mm edge falls in the viewing window made for 616.
Shadow boxes

The film stays sharp at distances (view in Flickr for better resolution).


One of my favorites. The subject fits perfect and the focus falls away perfectly on the long edges.

Another billboard worth a stop.
Interstate Billboard

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