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Polaroid Instant Slide Film – Polapan 125

63mi N of the Arctic Circle - Polapan FilmThis was my second Pola-experiment. The first roll (Polagraph) was so much fun to autoprocess and see the results.

Film: 35mm Polaroid Polapan 125 black and white instant film for transparencies. Expired 1985

Hand developed in a Polaroid Auto Processor (~2min)

Camera: 1953 620 Kodak Brownie Model D (with 2″ long mask)

Given that the Brownie is around 1/50 @ f/11 and the film is 125 ISO, I wasn’t sure what to expect with 32yr expired film.

While using the Autoprocessor, some internal gear decided to break while cranking on the chemical strip.

Not having a better idea and not wanting to ruin the whole roll, I took the setup into the dark bathroom, popped it open and hand rolled the chemical strip onto the film. I waited 2min then spun the film back into the canister off the gunky chem strip. It was for sure some messy, stinky and anxious bathroom fun. All considering, I was pleased with what I was able to see and keep. And I was pleasantly happy with the character the process added to the film. So many burns, smudges, brains and scratches.

After this near disaster, I pitched the Autoprocessor and then found another one for $5 at the thrift store down the street. I wonder if the seller had any clue what it even was.


I started this roll in epic Alaska on the Dalton Highway and ended the roll at the local tree nursery.



Caterpillar - Polapan Film

Alaska - Polapan Film

Pot stash - Polapan Film

Spook - Polapan Film

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